Fail lemon muffins & weekend Boston trip.

Last week I wanted to bake some lemon muffins as a birthday present for my good friend Mary who I went to visit in Boston for the weekend. I planned to try a new recipe with coconut flour and baked with Catherine. The following are pictures from my lemon muffin attempt:

lemonmuffins1I had never tried this recipe before, and it didn’t state how many muffins the recipe would make, so it should have then be alarming to us that four eggs were used for 6 muffins. Key word: should. lemonmuffins2The lemon juice and lemon zest smelled so nice though!lemonmufins3The batter was very easy to make, but I wanted at least 12 muffins, so we made another batch, and then put them in the oven.lemonmuffins5They look great, right?lemonmuffins6So how did they taste?

Let’s judge from some first bite reactions:

“You know Fiona, I usually like what you bake… But this is absolutely terrible.” -Darien

“WHAT THE **** IS THIS? *spits out*” -Lisa

“It’s… moist?” -Steven

Catherine even wanted to take 3 home with her to give to friends, but after trying one she decided not to. Wise decision, Catherine. Everyone including me thought they were disgusting except for my boyfriend and Connie. Apparently they like moist eggy muffins.


I’m sorry guys, but these were pretty terrible. I therefore regret to inform you that there will be no recipe in this post.

However, I did eat some amazing food on my weekend trip to Boston!

bostontrip1For Mary’s birthday dinner, we ate at her uncle’s restaurant with her family. Though I did not eat any of this sashimi, it was definitely picture worthy. bostontrip5A vegetarian roll with sweet potato made for me. (So filling!) bostontrip4Mushroom flatbread from Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen.  bostontrip3

Delicious Belgian waffle with chocolate and strawberries from Zinneken’s. Highly recommend going there. Very cute and cozy too. Not a biased opinion by the way… okay maybe it is. (I’m half Belgian and I love Belgian food, okay?!)bostontrip6Cool graffiti wall and a big YES.bostontrip8Rahul and his new friend. ;)

It was a fun weekend! A happy birthday again to Mary, and sorry about the muffins! Hopefully my next post will have a successful recipe. Fingers crossed.


4 thoughts on “Fail lemon muffins & weekend Boston trip.

  1. Those muffins you made a dozen I see
    Of which I had not one to eat
    My stepdad gobbled the one for me
    And now I’m waiting to see this feat.

    Perhaps one day you’ll show me how
    But not this second, not right now.
    Until that day I swear to you
    I won’t touch muffins, one or two.

    I wish I can keep writing this rhyme
    But gosh it’s late in terms of time.
    It’s past midnight, going tward day
    And plus, you know who I am -A

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